The Friendliest Dog Ever – How to a Choose a Name For Your Golden Retriever

The Friendliest Dog Ever – How to a Choose a Name For Your Golden Retriever

I woke up at 4:30 in the morning, as I felt a pair of eyes looking at me. No, it wasn’t creepy at all, because my little Golden Pup was sitting beside my bed, wagging her tail as she waited for me to wake up and play with dna test 

Golden Retriever puppies are surely one of the cutest things in the world. Shiny golden coat, twinkling eyes, and softest paws are something which could melt anyone’s heart. If you have always wanted a dog, this breed would be the perfect choice for you. These are extremely obedient and friendly dogs that make a great family pet.

Choosing the name

Deciding the best name for your puppy is a huge task because that name would be called out every time. The name is like an identity of a person and same is the case for puppies. Firstly find the names that are pleasant to the ears and are easy to pronounce.

Having a unique yet simple name would be an amazing thing. If you have more than one puppy, try to avoid naming them with rhyming words as this causes confusion when they hear you call out their name. Search for names that perfectly portray the personality or looks of your golden retriever.

I and my hubby named them in the most amazing manner. We wrote our top three favorite names on little pieces of paper and held them in front of our puppy. She noticed them and grabbed one of them with her little teeth!

We named them Rosie and Noddy, and these names felt as if they were perfectly picked out for our puppies. These names suited them well and they reacted to them better than I could have imagined.

My Experience with two puppies

People feel blessed when they get a puppy, I was super, super lucky to have two little darlings! Having two golden sisters was one of the happiest phases of my life and the moments we shared are something which I would always cherish.

I got two 8 week old golden retriever puppies, which were nothing less than fluffy, cozy cotton balls. They would play around all the time, and take away household items, which we later have to snatch back from them.

Cleaning the house was another challenge that was faced as these mischievous fur balls always wanted to play and cuddle. Their top activities included:

– Running around the house

– Chewing each other’s ears

– Enjoying bathing and splashing around

– Growling at each other while eating( they shared the same bowl)

– Wagging tail most of the time

– Looking cute every single second!

These are the top things which most golden retriever puppies would do until they grow into a dog. Some may even do all these things even after being a full- grown up because after all, they are the most cheerful, happy and friendly breed of dogs in the world!

Identifying the puppies

If anyone looked at my golden retriever pups for the first time, they would have a real hard time identifying them on the basis of their looks. Since I had sisters, it was easy to get confused and call out wrong names.

I had my little secret when it comes to identifying my puppies. It may sound unique to some of you while common to others, this little trick always helped me to stay away from the trouble of confusing between the Golden Sisters. Noddy, the elder puppy had warm, dark golden ears which almost looked brown. Rosie, the younger sister had whitish ears that had a tint of gold just like her body fur. This little color distinction helped me in easily identifying my puppies and I was never confused between them.

Final Say:

If you want a friend, rescuer, companion, child, or even a little ball of cotton, get the golden pup! This breed has been the most favorite one in the world and there are several reasons to support this fact.

Whether you have to take care of a little baby or a golden retriever pup, it’s almost similar. Both require constant attention and immense care and love, without which they do not feel secure.

Having a Golden Retriever would mean that you have someone who would always be by your side and keep you safe and happy. World’s fourth most intelligent dog, the Golden Retriever proudly holds the position of being the most desired dog across the globe!

Having a Pet is like having the best companion of your life. Golden Retrievers are simply the most amazing dogs because of their temperament. With the tips that I have shared you can name your golden pups easily. I hope you enjoy reading my experience with my lovely Golden Retriever puppies.

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